P.O Box 900304, Jinja Bwase A, Kibibi parish, Budondo sub-county, Jinja district, eastern Uganda

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KSOU Preamble


This mental health organization is directed toward improving the mental health and well-being of individuals in local communities. The word “SANE” stands for social and neuropsychiatric empowerment, which is what the organization aims to achieve.

It is based in Jinja city in the eastern part of Uganda. It is aimed at creating awareness about, mental health and illness, and doing such activities deemed necessary to improve the lives of those battling with mental health challenges.


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Our Mission

To improve quality of life through strengthening mental health, improvement of education, reduction of poverty, and creation of employment opportunities through support services to the communities.


  • To advocate for mental health service delivery and improvement in local communities.
  • To create and promote public awareness of the causes, risks, prevention, and treatment of mental illnesses, and their impact on the well-being of an individual.
  • To advocate for and protect the human rights of people with mental health conditions.
  • To improve the living standards of people living with mental illness.
  • To improve socio-economic activities through VSLA opening
  • To improve the education standards of people affected by mental illness.
  • To bring about unity, foster togetherness, and promote teamwork and collective responsibility among the youth
  • To do any and all such other things as are legally conducive and necessary to attain any or all the above as may be decided upon by the organization’s board of directors and the general assembly from time to time.
  • To mobilize resources, action, in-kind goods, and financial donations to support the implementation of the national mental health strategies by the Ministry of health


Dr. Sadat Katama

Executive Director

Dr. Alex Ahimbisibwe

Emmergency Coordinator

Preamble of KSOU

KSOU is an NGO dedicated to improving mental health and overall well-being of individuals in local communities. It promotes psychological well-being, creates awareness of mental health issues, and empowers individuals through initiatives and programs.

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